On October 18th 1948, Democracy was inaugurated in Manipur. Historians consider this the first of its kind; clearly even before India had its own constitution in 1950. To underscore the spirit of Democracy, today, October 18th 2016, we launched our regional party “Peoples Resurgence & Justice Alliance” (PRJA).

Why “Peoples Resurgence”? For a long time, we, the peoples of Manipur, have been denied the right to understand our own history, we have been denied the privilege to feel proud of our glorious History, the current crop of sheepish leadership forces us, the peoples, to forget our past and has created an environment where we must resign ourselves to apathy and frustration. But it is only when we know we are glorious that we can strive for greater glories. We must revive our identity. Without understanding who we are as a people, we wouldn’t know where we should be heading. Our identity is our self-confidence. Our identity is our dignity. Our identity is our freedom. Manipur need to “wake up” and rediscover that it is a society of honor, integrity, and pride. We may not be New York City, but no place can be like Manipur either. Manipur is unique, and beautiful. Manipur should be Manipur.

Why “Justice”? When our educated youths can’t find ways to contribute meaningfully to our society, we must fight for Justice. When children go to sleep hungry at night, or when we have to bid our own heritage and legacy for a simple livelihood because our system rewards corruption and look down on the needy, we need Justice. When innocent youths are harassed, assaulted, bullied, killed, and even raped, empowered by unjust laws, we need Justice. When leaders perpetuate a bhikhari mentality by creating a false narrative that “we can’t survive without New Delhi’s mercy,” we need Justice. When New Delhi controls our domestic affairs and our resources like an empire through their national parties and other unjust instruments, we need Justice.

PRJA Party promises to fight until Justice is restored for the Peoples of Manipur. PRJA promises to bring the much needed HOPE in these dark times. But most of all, PRJA pledges to dispel the naysayers attitude of “Yararoi Oiraroi.” We promise to persist and determinedly say: “Yadribhaw Oidribhaw!!” We are confident that the peoples of Manipur will prove the naysayers wrong this time! This election the praja of Manipur will send a clear message that we reject corruption, injustice, and violence! Beloved Manipur will set an example for the rest of the region, and for the world. Kangleipak is waking! With such determination and prayers to transform Manipur, we have embarked! Yaiphare!!