Erendro Leichombam

Age: 33

Address: Thangmeiband Hijam Dewan Leikai

Convener PRJA

Erendro Leichombam is an educationist and entrepreneur. Erendro holds an MA in Economic Policy from Harvard University, Cambridge. He did his undergraduate B.A (Liberal Arts) from Soka University, California. Erendro was a World Bank Fellow (2010-2013), and a Consultant with UNDP (Dhaka), and is Associate professor of Economics and Co-Founder of Pragati School of Management in Guwahati.

Irom Sharmila Chanu

Age: 44

Address:  Khurai Kongkham Leikai

Co-Convener PRJA

Irom Sharmila Chanu has been a peace activist who has campaigned for the Repeal of AFSPA by undertaking a nearly 16 years long fast. Sharmila has been associated with various youth initiatives working for the cause of peace, social justice and equality. In 2005, she was among the Nobel Peace Prize nominees.

James Mayengbam

Age: 35

Address:  Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai

Secretary PRJA

James Mayengbam is an entrepreneur who is passionate about the involvement of youths in the process for change. He was General Secretary of Manipur Cycle Club that aimed to mitigate climate change and raising awareness about environmental protection and climate change while reviving the Manipur culture of commuting by cycle. James founded WOL media, a multi-media solution system that uses various media and communication modes to market, brand and advertise products, franchisees and business firms.

Najima Bibi

Age: 43

Address: Santhel Mamang Leikai (Mayang Imphal)

Treasurer PRJA

Najima Bibi  is a human rights activist who has worked at the grass roots level since 2001  in areas of livelihood, women’s rights, violence and conflict resolution. She has been associated with various rights initiatives and has been a Member of the Manipur Alliance for Child Rights and Sustainable Livelihood Forum. Najima was General Secretary of United Manipur Muslim Women Development Organization (UMMWDO). She has also been actively associated with the Women in Governance (WING) initiative that focuses on more political engagement and involvement of women in Governance. Najima is the first Manipuri Muslim woman to contest for the Assembly elections.