The twin principles of “Justice” and “Self-realization” are akin to the required two feet on which humans—a society—must stand erect with dignity. For decades in Manipur, forces, movements, and political ideologies have either ignored both these twin principles or have emphasized one of them while overlooking the other, thereby perpetuating poverty in public administration, and in developmental policies. PRJA, however, believes in the establishment of justice while envisioning a self-reliant political economy in the State, and a self-determined location in the world. While “Justice” may entail elements of defiance and entitlement, “Self-realization” demands discipline, sacrifices, and a collective self-reflection.

The task—the mission—of rebuilding a just, self-sufficient, and peaceful Manipur will require: transparency and accountability on the part of those with a political mandate; and competent leadership and followership to collectively work towards establishing more humane policies. It demands: fostering a generation of youths and prioritizing paths for them to contribute in their communities; addressing regional disparity in development; erasing the gap between leadership and the peoples; expanding access to Health Care, and Public Services to all citizens; rejecting regressive habits and embracing progressive agendas; conscious efforts to allow the resurgence of a collective consciousness; assertive leadership to reclaim certain symbolic and substantive powers that rightfully belong to the peoples of Manipur since time immemorial; and destroying unjust instruments that colonize our humanity and hateful narratives determined to divide our homeland. It demands a bold but a bloodless revolution.

Towards achieving these ends, PRJA came into being on October 18th, 2016.