Get Involved

We are on a mission to cleanup politics in Manipur. We invite everyone who identifies with this cause to join us. Here are some of the ways to pitch in:

Membership You can become a member of the party. For various reasons(be it a government job or a potential conflict of interest), some people might not be able to join a political party. They can register as a volunteer and contribute time and effort. Click here to know the difference between a membership and volunteering.
Become A Member
Volunteer The most important donation you can make to PRJA is time. Whether you are a media expert, web developer, digital designer, social media activist, or have any other skill, you can contribute a little time and effort to help PRJA. If you are just interested in field work and meeting people, we need that as well.
PRJA is the first political party in India to raise funds by crowdfunding. You can contribute as less as Rs 100 through this medium and you can contribute even using PayTM and a cheque-pickup. Also as part of the Ten4Change campaign, everywhere we hold a meeting or event, we ask people for contributions. Even a small amount of Rs 10 contributes to change.
Spread the Word You can simply follow PRJA on Facebook and Twitter. Share and retweet party news and updates with friends and family.