When People Decides To Do

Nothing is impossible

PRJA party awaits your participation to make this a successful political revolution

Party Formation Declaration

Why “Peoples Resurgence”? For a long time, we, the peoples of Manipur, have been denied the right to understand our own history

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Our Mission

The twin principles of “Justice” and “Self-realization” are akin to the required two feet on which humans—a society—must stand erect with dignity.

Mission Statement



Self reliant economy, Accountable governance, Education, Healthcare, Justice & Peace. Our hunger for a better society leads us to...

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How it all began and where it’s going to go…!!!

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PRJA never stops learning from the elders...

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When Irom Sharmila decided to end her 16 yrs hunger strike against the Government of India and enter mainstream politics to fight for the cause she was fighting for (repeal AFSPA), many people from various walks of life supported her. People began to believe for once there could be a clean party which is accountable and humane.

Few Key Highlights
  • Irom Sharmila ignited the sparks among the people.

  • Various groups of people starts meeting online and offline to kickstart the movement

  • Volunteers deliberated on various issues and solutions

  • Decided to form a new political party which will give an alternative to the people

  • Volunteers decided to fight 2017 election for a resurgent Manipur